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Yang, Liang Emlyn

Dr. Liang Emlyn Yang



Luisenstr. 37
80333 Munich

Raum: A 318
Telefon: +49 (0) 89 2180 4092


Research & Teaching Unit "Human-Environment Relations"

Short CV

Dr. Liang Emlyn Yang (杨也明) is a geographer studying on human-environment relations with focus on long-term climate change impacts, social adaptation and resilience. After obtaining his bachelor and master degrees in geography in China, Emlyn conducted his doctoral studies on modeling urban flood responses and received a PhD from the Institute of Geography (Excellence Cluster “CliSAP”) at the University of Hamburg. During the postdoctoral period in Kiel University, he extended research interests to historical climate impacts and social resilience in especially the High Asia developing regions. Currently at LMU, Emlyn is active in investigating sustainable urbanization, flood adaptation and resilience building in Southeast Asia and China, as well as contributing to teachings. Household survey, stakeholder network analysis, agent-based model and geo-information systems are often applied in his studies.

Current Project: ERC Starting GrantSpatial-Temporal Dynamics of Flood Resilience (SToRes)